Beauty test – my favorites

During the last month I have had the pleasure of testing a lot of new beauty products. And of course when travelling in combination with vacay time during three weeks you have the time to really try them on. I am +40, have dry hair and mixed skin. Which products do really work?

Here are my absolute test favorites right now for the entire body!

For the body:

1. Morroccan Oil Body Buff. A body peeling with the peel of oranges and the most wonderful fragrance. Leaves the skin soft and silky. Price is high so use once a week…

2. Coconut lotion from Islet Botanicals in Bali. 100 % Extra Virgin Coconut oil. A true budget alternative and really absorbes quicker than I thought… Can you eat it too is my question?… Love it even it the significant fragrance of Coconut doesn’t appeal to my husband…

3. Avéne Xera Calm. I really like Avénes product and have used the Cold cream body lotion (that they stopped selling?!) for a long time. This is another body lotion for sensitive skin and with no fragrance. For det skin this is a true skin saver.

For the face:

4. The Swedish ex top model Emma Sjöberg started the brand and these two products are perfect together. After cleansing the skin put on the Enzyme peel for a minute. Rinse off and then place the Overnight repair mask on for the night. Perfect when it goes quick and when you can sleep with a moisture mask on. Like the combo!

5. ACO Face oil is a really light oil and absorbes within seconds. A perfect oil for dry skin during winter. And a budget price!

6. Glamglow Powercleanse is a combo of mud and oil. These products are used by the Hollywood stars and I do Understand why. I use this every day to remove make up and the skin feels really clean for my combination skin.

7. Avéne lip balm Cold cream. A classic that you will keep forever. A competitor to Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream…

8. Image skincare daycream and eye creme. The best sun protection for the face I’ve tried! Longlasting! A favorite!

For the hair:

9. For the hair – During 1,5 month I’ve tried Morroccan Oil for the hair. I know I am probably one of few who hasn’t tried oil treatment before… But I am overwhelmed by the effect. After shower use a small amount and really press into the damp hair. And use again in dry hair. At least my hair got a new glow. Great for dry hair!

Enjoy the day! ?