Flower decorations for Easter – Crafts

Easter weekend starts today! Wish you all a happy Easter! Today I made these small decorations for the dinner table (or a small decoration to bring along to the Easter dinner including the vase).

Photo: Johanna Hulander, Joel home.

Buy a pot of small daffodils or grow them on the balcony (they last forever in the crispy air!).

You need:

  • 1 small pot of daffodils (Tête a tête.
  • 1 small vase. Or egg cup!
  • 1 branch from any kind of tree to make a nest or wreath.
  • Thin wire (don’t have at home? Ok, use plastic emballage in the bottom of the vase. Then use lace to wrap around the bouquet.

Step by step:

Cut one flower and two petals from the plant.

Make a small wreath. Twist it together. You can use some wire. Bend the small tree branch or something similar to a nest around the opening of the vase.

Make a small bouquet of the flower and the petals. Their stems will be short and therefore use the wire to prolonger.

Make several to place at each dinner envelop (don’t mind my caotic table) or put a long row in the middle of the dinner table.

Or use like this. As decoration in the shelf.

Happy Easter to you dear readers! Love Johanna