Flower work shop and breakfast Friday

Started this February Friday with Blomsterlandet and designer Hanna Wendelbo who invited me to an inspiring work shop. I ended up doing this creation and the joy of working with flowers and with your hands just made me get into a peaceful state of mind… Couldn’t have a better start for this weekend.

Photo: Johanna Hulander, Joel home. And the last one me was taken by my friend Hedvig Törneman, who is a great stylist and Interior designer.

And yes, Hanna posted this pic on Insta stories when I just had to add one more flower… Read her blog and follow her on instagram. True inspiration! Photo: Hanna Wendelbo.

Hanna (above) who is a wallpaper designer (and a fab gardener!) in front of the living wall paper she created for Blomsterlandet.

Also met Emma Sundh who is a another fab inspiring creative woman.

Happy Friday Dear readers!