Formex ss2018

Hello Formex, one of the largest fairs for interior design in the Nordic countries. This years theme? – World of shapes. And yes you can see many shapes but round shapes are trending. The trend exhibition in the entrance hall was made by some of the most talented stylists in Scandinavia; Synnove Morn, Sasa Antic, Cilla Ramnek and Tina Hellberg. Go check them out on Insta!

Here styling by Tina Hellberg that truly shows the new trends that are about to come…

Styling by Sasa Antic. Sophisticated and likeable for a large group of consumers.

Styling by Cilla Ramnek. Also one of my favorite artists that make wonderful patterns.

So first impressions?

  1. Ethnic influence. Patterns and colors.
  2. Materials? Wood, rattan, rattan and rattan…. Velvet, mix of materials, rough linen for Furniture.
  3. Hand made or more often – made to look like it is.
  4. Origin. Where do you produce and what materials do you use? You do hear this questions rise more often. Goldstar to Swedish textile and leather producer Ceannis that run their own Factory in Hong Kong caring for these issues and understanding the importance.
  5. The product of the year? Handmade ceramics.
  6. Color? Beige.

After 3 weeks in Asia and Indonesia I can definately see where many of the Interior companies buy their whole range of products designed and produced in Asia.

Then you have the producers that design in Scandinavia and produce in Asia.

And then you have the few brands that design and produce in Scandinavia or nearby. Like Iris hantverk that also won the Formex Formidable for this hand brush I am holding.

Ending the day with a trend lecture by world famous trend guru Li Edelkoort. What she said? Listen to this weeks episode of Trendpodden sending from the fair on Friday!

Good night and sweet dreams from a snowy and freezing Stockholm! Kram Johanna