Healthy favorites – how to reach the goals with training and food

Many people ask me what I have done to change my lifestyle. I normally focus on Interior Design, plants and garden, travel and some food. Things I like. But since you ask. Here is a pure health blog post:

Well, it is not super science. It is pretty much common sense. You probably know it already. But I’ll tell you what I’ve done the last 6 months to achieve where I am right now. Stronger, more painless, – 14 kg.

To get more muscles to protect the body from arthritis (one of my challenges) you need to work out. When you need to loose weight for health reasons (like in my case) you have to eat less than you normally do. And you need to know how much you should eat considered your body and goals.

So this is how I soon will reach my personal goals that I have set up:

Before you start – What are your goal/s? Only start when you know what you want to achieve! And put up milestones! “When I reach that milestone I will go to a spa (that’s what me and my friend Emma did!) etc.


  • Walk 10 000-12 000 steps a days. No, it is not easy. But nothing is! Step off the bus one stop earlier. Walk to the meeting. You know how to do it. Just do it! Stop making excuses! And meanwhile you walk – listen to Trendpodden or talk to your family and friends!
  • I go to the gym twice a week. There are so many great apps to use! Like “7 MVC” or “Casall Training” (all free).
  • No time to go to the gym? Check out my favorite trainer Olga Rönnberg and her different excercises on insta that you can practise at home.
  • Get help – What are you spending money on? Can you save 60 euros? Then you can afford 45 minutes with a Personal Trainer. I took 3 sessions many years ago and and the program she made for me is still my base.

Selfie the other day after the gym. Sport top from Casall.

And invest in good quality in your training clothes! If you wash them carefully every time they will last for years.


It WAS tough to change what to eat and it still is after 6 months! The first weeks were really hard. And especially when you have a family that will be affected in one way or another… I told my kids that mom will eat more vegetables from now on to get rid of the pain and live a long life! Remember your goal!!!

  • Everything is allowed to eat but not every day. I love pastries and candy. I love bread! When I eat it I choose the ones I love and enjoy!
  • This is a change for life. Let it take time! Don’t measure without a plan.
  • I start the day with porridge every day. I skip the jam. I skip the sandwiches – (during the weeks!). But I add berries and spices like cinnamon.

And this weekend I baked scones with almond flour, oat, rye flour and linseed. Added a bit of honey. Had plenty of cheese and some butter. So yummy!

  • Lunches consist of a base of salads, quinoa, couscous or rice. Add salad, eggs, etc and top with protein like chicken, salmon, meat or shrimps. Sauce? I love them too. Hoummus, creme fraiche or a spoon of spiced yoghurt are my friends during the week. Look for inspiration at for exempel Swedish Äntligen sockerfri– Louise that run the whole concept store is a true source of inspiration (even if I still eat sugar). She will be on tour in Sweden this spring if you don’t live in Stockholm. I eat of everything if I want to – just smaller portions.

All photos: Johanna Hulander, Joel home.

This is my way of trying to stay painless, loose some weight that was needed and feel good. It suits me and my family. Love Johanna ❤️