A new healthier way of living

This summer my way of living changed. During the last 7 years I have been suffering from arthritis, been through surgeries that has not helped etc. This summer I found out my shoulder had been broken a while ago and since I had not seen a doctor for it – it had turned into something called Frozen shoulder. It was painful day and night (even for me used to pain from my arthritis). Then my ancle broke and I realized, with a helping hand from my doctor, that it was time for a big CHANGE.

Since August I have started to eat healthier (for me that means not 2 cinnamon buns and 4 sandwiches a day etc 🙂 and to focus on power walks and gym training trying to build up my muscles. Nothing hysteric, no forbidden food (I still eat everything but not ALL the time). I have lost 14 kg, even if the kilos are not really important. And I feel stronger. I am not in that kind of pain any longer. The most important.

I try to eat food like this half of the days in a week; Avocado, eggs, rye bread (Swedish style), veggies AND…

since we bought a new mixer that is a blessing- homemade Hoummus with lots of garlic… I use it instead of butter. Takes 2 minutes to make. The same as soups.

Photo: Johanna Hulander, Joel home.

With this written I wanted you to know what I have been struggling with these last 6 months. It has and it is tough like xx some days. BUT you can always change your way of living. One step forward each day… Don’t look back. If you are in the same position and need some help to get started – email me, leave a comment here on the blog or send a message on Insta! I’ll try to help. Let’s go… ?? Kram Johanna