Stockholm Design week 2018 – part 1

The best week for Interior lovers in Stockholm is here – Stockholm Furniture Light Fair and design week 2018. So what has happened so far that I have enjoyed the most? FINALLY the complex discussion of consumption verses environment in this industry is actually taking place in all levels. From Ikea this morning to small local companies.

Ikea is dealing with the problematic issue that they want people to buy new interior from them but at the same time use it for a long time… So now they are talking about reuse.

Photo: The new collection Industriell designed by Piet Hein Eek.

In the long run I think Ikea will have to come up with more solutions for better materials and colors that give the interior a longer lifecycle (like when the company started).

So it felt refreshing in one way that the Swedish familyowned interior and bed company Dux (with a turnover of 800 msek!) reuse their old classics like Pernilla, Eva and Karin. In cooperation with stylist Lotta Agaton who has used other materials ans textiles to show the classics in another perspective.

Here classic armchair Karin Dux featuring Lotta Agaton (right) and Karin Sköldberg, CEO for Trendgruppen PR.

Accept from a new sofa designed by the trio Claesson Koivisto Rune. Comfortable and grand… So what advise for the future would the most famous stylist in Sweden give to the classic company Dux? Well, make it possible to change color on the steel frames into matte powder paint was her answer. Maybe that’s what we will see next year.

Me in the new couch by CKR for Dux. Photo: Maria Hartog Holm.

Hilding beds is the largest European bed manufactor. (I didn’t know that) with 22 factories and many brands in their portfolio. Today one of their brands – Ekens, launched a new bed concept designed by designduo Berlin/Amsell. A concept where the customer buy headboard, nightstands and bench all inclusive.

Photo: Johanna Hulander, Joel home. Berlin/Amsell design duo, Pia to the right and above with a new lamp launched for C/o Bankeryd.

Designer Pia Amsell and I actually grew up in the same village in Dalarna so I’ve known her my whole life. And the products the duo design are always very carefully designed. I like…

A Quick report from the Stockholm Furniture Fair – A wonderful mix of Paola Navones colorful exhibition in the hallway to Halleroeds extremely minimalistic exhibition in the B hall that was a bit dissapointing…

Halleroeds trend exhibition (below) trying to make a statement that shop experience need to change while it becomes so much more important in a society where large shops close down and turn into showrooms and online shops.

Photo: Johanna Hulander, Joel home.


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