Thursday – news day

Started this morning by visiting Bonnier Konsthall, where Ire möbel, a Swedish furniture company manufacturing every thing in Sweden, were showing four new models of armchairs. Pure materials such as wood, steel and leather were being used by four different designer teams; Andreas Engesvik, Emma Olbers, Front, Broberg&Ridderstråle.

Foto: Grand Relations and Ire möbel.

Which one I Liked the most? Hard to answer. Like all of these designers but the two guys at Broberg & Ridderstråle almost always make products I want to bring with me. Even this time…

Per PR had a press day and I met Mrs Color – Yvonne Karlsson from Beckers paint. She and her team creates a likeable collection this year don’t you think? A new paint easier to “clean” is soon going to hit the stores.

Favorite colors and hues from Beckers.

My daughter is totally crazy in the Swedish baking program on TV “Hela Sverige bakar”. The winner Andrea I got to meet today. The sweetest baker with the sweetest pastries… Yummy for the tummy…

Photos: Johanna Hulander, Joel home.

See new interviews with for example Andrea on my Insta stories! Good night and don’t miss episode 52 of Trendpodden published at 1 am… Listen here.