Working day in new Bali outfit

A day spent visiting different furniture and interior businesses. Such a fun day while the rest of the family spent a day in Asia’s largest waterpark – Waterboom. AND I ended the day by podcasting with my friend Johanna Engberg. Tomorrow Friday at 01.00 am Swedish time you can listen to the final episode this year from Torekov, Sweden and Bali, Indonesia. What do we wish for the new year? Listen tomorrow here. And this is my new outfit bought here in Bali. Wet hair and no make up needed here. Love my new camo shirt and my new red dress from a Balinese brand called Uma and Leopold. Now on sale.

Photo: Johanna Hulander, Joel home.Taken by my hubby M ?.nd Bali, Indonesia. I could stay here a long time… I now Understand the expression “Bali bound”.

Take care and good night Dear readers!!!<<<<<<<<< ;<<<<<<<< t;<<<<<<< lt;<<<<<< <<<<<< ;<<<<< t;<<<< gt;<<< ><< p>< /p>